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Closed Session Regarding Easement Obtained through Eminent Domain Process from Graco, Inc. Allowing for the Construction of the East Bank Trail Between Boom Island Park and Marshall Street NE Near 16Th Avenue NE


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In July 2015, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) acquired an easement over a portion of property owned by Graco, Inc. along the east bank of the upper Mississippi River in Minneapolis. The acquisition occurred using the MPRB’s powers of eminent domain and was required to establish the site control necessary to take advantage of a $1,000,000 federal grant allowing for construction of the East Bank Trail between Boom Island Park, a part of Above the Falls Regional Park and Marshall Street NE near 16th Avenue NE and the BNSF Railroad.

The East Bank Trail was completed in late 2016 and has been open to the public since.

The process of obtaining the easement required a condemnation based on a value determined through a three-commissioner panel appointed by the courts. During several weeks of 2017, the panel heard testimony from Graco and the MPRB. Testimony will be finalized through oral arguments scheduled for March 22, 2018. An award will then be determined by the three-commissioner panel.

The MPRB’s legal counsel will review the status and issues related to the acquisition of the easement as part of this discussion item in a closed session.




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