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Resolution Setting the 2017 Tax Levy for the Park Museum Fund




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Item Discussion

Whereas, The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has established a Park Museum Fund per Minnesota Statute 450.25; and


Whereas, The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board approves an annual tax levy for the Park Museum Fund;


RESOLVED, That the Commissioners of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board hereby levies upon all the taxable property of the County of Hennepin, for the year 2017, a tax of 0.00846 percent of market value for the purpose specified in the Charter of the City of Minneapolis and pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 450.25 of Minnesota Statutes, as amended; and


RESOLVED, That the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board direct the Secretary of the Board to transmit this resolution and levy to the County Auditor of Hennepin County, Minnesota.






The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board by Minnesota Statute levies a property tax on all Hennepin County properties for the purpose of funding a museum of art[1].  The statute sets the levy at 0.00846 percent of market value.  The market value based levy is calculated using the previous year’s property valuations. 





Staff recommends that the Board approve the 2017 tax levy for the Park Museum Fund.


This action is supported by the following vision and goal statements in the MPRB 2007-2020 Comprehensive Plan.


Vision Theme 3:              Dynamic parks that shape city character and meet diverse community needs.


Goal:              Financially independent and sustainable parks prosper.


[1] Minnesota Statute §450.25, Museum, Gallery, or School of Arts or Crafts; Tax Levy.

Meeting History

Nov 30, 2016 5:10 PM  Administration & Finance Committee Committee Meeting
MOVER:Jon Olson, Commissioner District 2
AYES:Scott Vreeland, Liz Wielinski, Steffanie Musich, Jon Olson, Annie Young
Dec 7, 2016 5:15 PM  Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Regular Meeting

Approved on a Roll Call Vote

MOVER:Scott Vreeland, Commissioner District 3
SECONDER:John Erwin, Vice President, Commissioner At Large
AYES:Anita Tabb, John Erwin, Brad Bourn, Meg Forney, Steffanie Musich, Jon Olson, Scott Vreeland, Liz Wielinski
ABSENT:Annie Young