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Resolution Accepting the Non-Appointed Community Advisory Committee Recommendations and Approving the Concept Plan for Xcel (NSP) Fields


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  1. Concept Plan

Item Discussion

Whereas, The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is a steward of the Minneapolis park system;

Whereas, The MPRB was awarded a Hennepin Youth Sports Grant in 2013 for ball field Development at Xcel Field (formerly known as NSP Park) in the amount of $100,000 at Xcel Field property;

Whereas, The MPRB has allocated a total of $134,000 as grant matching funds for the Xcel Field project in 2013 and 2014  from the 2011-2016 Neighborhood and Community Capital Improvement Program (CIP);

Whereas, The MPRB was awarded a Scoreboard Grant from the MN Twins Community Fund for use in constructing and installing the scoreboard at the Xcel Field in the amount of $30,000;

Whereas, The Board desires broad and representative stakeholder involvement in decision making when constructing or redeveloping park facilities;

Whereas, A community engagement process was conducted to inform the public included a public open house, communication with the neighborhood organization, Concerned Citizens for Marshall Terrace (CCMT) and use of social media;

Whereas, Community members and stakeholders have guided the design recommendations for the concept plan for Xcel Field at the public meeting and CCMT meetings;

Whereas, The MPRB project team has refined the concept plan to balance the community and stakeholder desires the available project budget; and

Whereas, This resolution is supported by the MPRB 2007-2020 Comprehensive Plan, which envisions “Dynamic parks shape city character and meet diverse community needs”;


RESOLVED, That the Board of Commissioners accept the non-appointed Community Advisory Committee recommendations and approve the concept plan for Xcel (NSP) Fields; and

RESOLVED, That the President of the Board and Secretary to the Board are authorized to take all necessary administrative actions to implement this resolution.



This Resolution considers the approval of a Concept Plan for Xcel (NSP) Fields located along Marshall Avenue in N.E. Minneapolis.


Xcel Fields has been leased from Xcel Energy since 2007.  The existing fields include two softball fields used primarily for adult softball leagues. Xcel Energy closed the fields in 2010 to begin the testing and eventual remediation of the contaminated soils that existed in the northern portion of the property.  Xcel Energy enrolled the site in the Voluntary Clean-up and Investigation (VIC) program with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), and in the fall of 2013 the contaminated soils were removed within the top four feet, and replaced with clean soil. MPCA now considers the site safe for residential and/or recreational use.


On January 28, 2014 a public open house was held to present field concepts.  The meeting was attended by neighbors, youth baseball and adult softball participants and other stake holders.  Electronic communications and updates were sent to the neighborhood organization, the Concerned Citizens of Marshall Terrace (CCMT).  Comments received during this open house and from MPRB staff have been incorporated into the final concept plan.   The primary changes to the plan since the open house seek to balance available funding with the need to provide large enough fields for both softball and youth baseball games. (see attachments).


Plans are underway to construct one new ball field and associated site improvements at Xcel Field in 2014.  The project will be funded through a 2013 Hennepin Youth Sports Grant, matching MPRB capital improvement program funds, and through a generous gift from Major League Baseball, the Twins Community Fund and the Cal Ripken Senior Foundation.  The new field is expected to be complete in July of this year in time to host special events associated with National Baseball League’s All-Star game.





$ 764,000


2013 HYSG




2013 MPRB CIP grant match

$  67,000



2014 MPRB CIP grant match

$  67,000



Twins Comm. Fund scoreboard grant

$  30,000












$   59,568


Professional Design Services

$  35,568



Environmental Engineering

$  14,600



Survey and administration fees

$    9,400








$ 704,432





Staff recommends acceptance of the non-appointed Community Advisory Committee recommendations and approval of the concept plan for Xcel (NSP) Fields.


This action is supported by the 2007-2020 Comprehensive Plan Vision Theme 2 and goals.


Vision Theme 2:              Recreation that inspires personal growth, healthy lifestyles, and a sense of community.


Goal:              Residents, visitors, and workers enjoy opportunities to improve health and fitness.


Goal:              People connect through parks and recreation.


Meeting History

Apr 2, 2014 5:30 PM  Planning Committee Committee Meeting

Chair Young called upon Andrea Webber, Project Manager to present the Xcel field Concept Plan. Following the presentation Ms. Webber responded to questions from the Committee.

MOVER:Jon Olson, Commissioner District 2
AYES:Annie Young, John Erwin, Steffanie Musich, Jon Olson, Anita Tabb
Apr 16, 2014 5:00 PM  Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Regular Meeting
MOVER:Annie Young, Commissioner At Large
SECONDER:Anita Tabb, Commissioner District 4
AYES:Liz Wielinski, Scott Vreeland, Brad Bourn, John Erwin, Meg Forney, Steffanie Musich, Jon Olson, Anita Tabb, Annie Young