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Discussion of the Minneapolis Parks Foundation's Request for Proposals for Design of the Water Works Area as it Relates to the Central Riverfront Master Planning Process


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MPRB and Minneapolis Parks Foundation (MPF) staffs have been coordinating on the upcoming Central Riverfront Regional Park master plan and how the next stage of site design for the Water Works area (map enclosed) fits into it. This discussion item informs the Board of the next stage of MPRB/MPF partnership anticipated on the Central Riverfront. It also offers the Board an opportunity to comment on the recommended strategy and the Minneapolis Parks Foundation’s leadership in issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a more focused level of Water Works design that will layer on top of the broader regional park master planning process led by MPRB.


The MPF has focused strongly on the Water Works area since funding a preliminary visioning exercise in early 2012. In recent months, MPF has raised approximately $200,000, with another $20,000 in pending grant requests to fund the next stage of Water Works design. The Water Works design effort will be funded exclusively by the MPF while the regional park master plan will be funded by the MPRB.


The concept is to issue the MPF’s Water Works design RFP (a 3-month process) concurrently with the MPRB’s Central Riverfront master planning RFP (a 2-month process), allowing selection of each chosen consultant to occur bymid-July. The chosen consultants will work closely together and each will bring specific expertise to the effort. The Central Riverfront planning team will have broad and solid expertise in community engagement, urban design, regional park master planning, and cultural/natural resources. The Water Works designer will have international-caliber urban design and park programming talents that will elevate the vision for Water Works and its complex layers to a stature befitting its impact to the future Minneapolis park system. The master planning team will obviously address the entire regional park while the Water Works designer will focus only on that portion of the park.


The anticipated RFP schedules are as follows:


Water Works RFP issued by Minneapolis Parks Foundation

April 18              Issues Water Works RFP

May 17              Water Works RFP submission deadline

June 11              Announce designer short list

June 25-28              Candidate interviews and public presentations for Water Works

July 9              Announce Water Works consultant selection

July 24              Seek MPF and MPRB Board approval of selected consultants

August              Project begins


Regional Park Master Plan RFP issued by MPRB

April 18              Issue Regional Park RFP

May 16              RFP submission deadline

May 30              Announce short list

June 10-21              Candidate interviews

June 24              Announce selected consultant team

July 10              Seek MPRB Board approval of selected consultant team

August              Project begins


MPRB and MPF staff will present this item for discussion at the April 17 Board meeting.




This item is for discussion purposes.


Meeting History

Apr 17, 2013 4:30 PM  Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Regular Meeting